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astridv: (hawkeye 3)
Wednesday, January 1st, 2014 12:25 pm
more Yuletide recs
And Never Brought to Mind (Hawkeye)
Gen; Clint, Kate & Lucky; humor/friendship; 1982 words
Summary: "Hey, Katie-Kate? Is Kathy Griffin or Anderson Cooper the one with three heads?"

Kate and Clint bring in the new year, Hawkeye-style.

Investing (The Wire)
Gen; Randy Wagstaff & Ellis Carver; future fic; 1121 words
Summary: A look at Randy Wagstaff's life in season 5 and beyond.

Not Measured in Minutes (Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol)
Brandt/Benji(ish) and team; snapshots/spies and secret agents; teen; 5549 words
Summary: Benji is not an analyst, but he is doing his best to make sense of Brandt all the same.

A phonetic map of Germany (Toyed Shoe Lunt) for English speakers
Funniest thing I've seen all day. All year, even. ([personal profile] jae, you should get a kick out of it.)
I’m from Mint Star in Nerd Ryan-Vest Fall Ann.
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Wednesday, July 31st, 2013 10:13 am
I've been slacking on the recs, but to make up for it today's recs post is eclectic...

Here's a really well-done Wire fic that fleshes out the two women in Omar's crew:
Them Ghosts by [archiveofourown.org profile] lettersandsodas
Kimmy/Tosha (bg Omar/Dante); backstory/character study; mature; 8378 words
Summary: Kimmy and Tosha's lives from ages 15-16 up through what we see of them on the show. Contains spoilers for the canon through season 3, but mostly pertaining to Kimmy and Tosha's fates. There are also mentions of violence, drugs, sex, etc. Basically, it's what you'd expect from the fandom, which is a pretty intimidating one to write in. I hope I got this kind of right, because I really loved these characters, minor though they might have been to the canon.

A cute Voyager fic featuring mysterious aliens and Neelix' cooking:
Free Lunch by [archiveofourown.org profile] AlphaFlyer
Tom/B'Elanna, Tom&Harry, and crew; humor/crack; 2145 words
Summary: Lunch in the Delta Quadrant isn't what it's cracked up to be. Or ... maybe it is?

Avengers fic: Hurt!Clint and protective!Team... *happy sigh*
Protected by [archiveofourown.org profile] cat_77
Gen; Clint and team; h/c; teen; 4942 words
Summary: Protect - to keep safe from injury or harm. (For the "bodyguards" square at hc_bingo.)
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Thursday, January 10th, 2013 05:33 pm
The Wire rec:
Dice for Decimals by [archiveofourown.org profile] Gileonnen
Summary: Dr. Russell Bell is a week unshaven, with gold-rimmed glasses and leather-reinforced elbows on his court coat. He's professorial in a broad-shouldered Indiana Jones kind of way; if it weren't for the metal detectors at the entrance to the courthouse, McNulty would swear blind he was packing.
AU of season 2; Stringer/McNulty and detective ensemble; rated mature; 4385 words

Interesting and totally plausible alternate reality in which Stringer has made some different choices in the past.
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Wednesday, December 26th, 2012 10:20 pm
... is early because yuletide madness opened and there it is - the crossover I didn't know I craved: The Wire/The Unusuals
(In other words, worlds collide.)

welcome to the melting pot by Anonymous
Gen; Bunk, & Cole, Delahoy, Banks, Walsh, Shraeger; crossover/humor; 873 words
Summary: Why his wife felt the need to move the family up here was beyond him. And oh, he had sure as fuck agreed, needed to get away from the department that still associated him with McNulty’s fuckup, but this- this was too much.
Bunk heard a soft throat clearing behind him and preemptively winced. He knew what was coming. “I would really prefer it if you-”
“Shut the fuck up, Cole,” said Bunk. No fucking swearing in a precinct. What the hell were they going to think up next? Hell, the whole fucking police department was probably sick of it. Now, the Bunk could hold back his words if need be, but here the needs didn’t fucking be.

At this rate I'm never gonna get any work done.
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Wednesday, December 26th, 2012 06:23 pm
Another Yuletide rec: The Wire. This is the Dukie fic I've been looking for since I watched the series finale.

no returns or exchanges by Anonymous
Gen; Dukie plus Bubbles, Prez; post-canon; 2159 words

Summary: He didn’t know many people who did things, was the thing. They was either in the game or they tried to stop people from playing it. And of course there were those who were played. The ones who scrambled and schemed for any drop of happiness they could smoke or inject. But Dukie wasn’t going to be like them. He was gonna do something. And he could do this, he could.

Five things Dukie stole, and one thing he gave

Watched the Leverage finale. I'm gonna miss this show... Read more... )

eta: and mystizan has a great bulletpoint review here and yeah, what she said, all of that!
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Saturday, June 11th, 2011 01:46 pm
Ready Or Not by [archiveofourown.org profile] ion_bond (The Wire)
Gen; Ellis Carver & Randy Wagstaff, Apocafic; some spoilers for Randy's story arc; 1965 words
Summary: Carver has seen every apocalypse movie in existence, but Randy is the one who is best prepared. Four days in Baltimore in the aftermath of the 2008 influenza pandemic.

It says something about the streets of Baltimore that Randy hardly misses a beat when the apocalypse comes.
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Monday, March 7th, 2011 11:51 am
To further celebrate my newly discovered multifannishness: 10 recs from 10 fandoms.
fic recs:
It's All So Clear to Me Now by [livejournal.com profile] fools_game (Leverage)
PG; Parker POV, background Alec/Eliot and Nate/Sophie
Summary: Parker sees more than some people think.
Strong team/family vibe, great Parker voice!
The first time she fell asleep at Hardison’s she woke up scared out of her brain and nearly took Eliot’s eye when he came to wake her. Because she’d fallen asleep on the couch, and when she woke up she was in an unfamiliar bed, under the blankets, with no shoes on. She’d fallen asleep with other people around. They’d moved her while she slept, and she hadn’t noticed, hadn’t even stirred, and she freaked so hard she was fleeing through the lobby before she realised she was barefoot, and then she had to go back up to get her shoes. Alec gave her coffee as she walked gingerly back in, and there was an omelette waiting for her, and Eliot was hardly smirking at all, so she stayed for breakfast.
Come at the King by VanaTuivana (The Wire)
m/m; PG-13; Omar Little, with cameos from De’Londa Brice, baby!Namond, and Bird; pre-canon; 2,655 words
Summary: Omar Little be who he be, and ain't nobody come at him.
While seaching for Namond fic I instead found this gem and got sucked in from the very first line. Very compelling character study!

Ordo ad Fratres Faciendum by [personal profile] sholio (SGA)
(x-posted from genrec); PG-13; Ronon, Rodney, John, Teyla, Torren; set late S.5; 20,800 words;
Summary: A jumper crash separates the team on a wilderness planet, and they aren't alone.
"So. You and Ronon."
Rodney looked up from the video game console. "Wow, subtle."
"Are you guys, uh ..." John gestured with the game controller. He wasn't sure whether to finish with okay or fighting or capable of working together or what, so he just let it trail off into silence, though when Rodney's eyes went wide John realized that he might ought to have been a little more specific.
"We're not sleeping together, Sheppard."
"I didn't think you were!" Although it would, come to think of it, explain a few things.
Daily Mechanics by [livejournal.com profile] bravenewcentury (Fullmetal Alchemist)
gen; PG; Winry, Paninya;
Summary: There's a lot to get used to in a new town.
Winry and Paninya, making new lives for themselves in Rush Valley. Great friendship fic.

vid recs
Who Needs Enemies by theanonsisters (Deep Space Nine)
gen; Julian Bashir and others
Summary: Who needs enemies when you've got friends.
Smooth, elegantly cut, and most of all complex. Hm, kind of like the good doctor himself. :)

A Tall Tale by [profile] maichan808 (Big Fish (movie))
Summary: It's not the story, it's how you tell it...
Incredibly evocative of the movie. I had a major emotional response to this vid and looking at the comments I'm not the only one. Can't even put my finger on the mechanics of it.

Teal'c P.I. by Nibikko (SG-1)
summary: Teal'c's suggestion to Martin Lloyd in episode "200" for a Jaffa detective television series comes to life in this fan video.
Heee... pure glee in vid form!

Save Chuck (Chuck)
This is great fun to watch. It uses footage throughout the first three seasons but cut so out of context that it's practically spoiler free. I can imagine it'd make a really nice recruiter vid. Sooo... if you're curious and have no idea what the show is about, check out this vid to get an idea?
(And I can't get enough of that soundtrack, even though it gets used a *lot* in fanvids).

One Piece MMV (One Piece)
Don't know the story, but I like the effective way the manga panels are used to convey movement and time flow. And I really like the mood created by the pics and the soundtrack. Very interesting.

fanart rec
Doctor Hoo by pu-sama (Doctor Who)
All the doctors... as owls. Cute & pretty. The funny thing is, even though I never watched the show I recognized some of them, through fannish osmosis.