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FMA fic and vid recs - master list

All my Fullmetal Alchemist fic recs, collected in one post for easier access. Hope I didn't forget any.

Gen | Roy/Riza |Ed/Winry | Al/Mei | Roy/Riza/Maes/Gracia OT4 | vids


I'll start with this totally amazing fic:
For the Promotion of National Unity by [ profile] bookelfe
gen; PG; ensemble montagefic; set a few months before canon, no spoilers; 10,613 words
Summary: Traditionally, it's a holiday spent with the family.

We get to see how our characters spend the Amestrian Unity Day. One of the things I love about FMA is its huge cast of characters, all fleshed out and distinct - and fic like this really does them justice. It's the kind of story where I have trouble quoting my favorite lines or pick my favorite part. I love the style and the structure: the pieces blend seamlessly so together they form the story, and every part has its very distinct feel, with just the right overall balance between humor and angst.

It feels a lot like the show, really. :)

Another Military Party by [ profile] bookelfe
gen with Roy/Riza subtext; characters: Mustang, Hawkeye, Olivier Armstrong, King Bradley and family; 6,302 words
Warning: major spoilers through ch83/ep45
Summary: Shockingly, certain traitorous conspirators are finding this year's Central Officer's Ball a little tense.

Roy and Riza, and the dance of political intrigue: this fic is everything I love about the show and the characters. The characterization is amazing all around, and moments of humor are balanced with tension and drama. (And seeing Roy Mustang dance the Drachmenne with Major General Armstrong... I mean, that alone would be worth the price of admission. :)

A Girl Worth Fighting For by [ profile] bookelfe
gen; PG; Characters: Approximately every Armstrong in canon, and some I just made up; ~4,600 words
Summary: An argument among the Armstrong children is resolved with a history lesson. written for [ profile] fma_ladyfest

I love this fic to bits. Amestrian history, elegantly combined with the sparkly awesomeness that is the Armstrong family. It doesn't get any better. (I feel like I should write this rec in sparkle font.)

Tradition by [ profile] raja815
gen; PG-13; humor; 1000 words
Team Mustang celebrate the Winter solstice the traditional way...
'Prominent among decorations include the traditional Solstice Candle, an ornately painted beeswax candle that is lit as the sun sets, and only extinguished when the next morning grows bright enough to see.'

The entire room filled with noxious purple smoke. Mustang, standing closest after lighting it, extinguished the flame with a douse from his glass of wine.
“That,” he gasped when he had breath enough, “was not a solstice candle.”
“I think it might’ve been a signal flare,” Fuery said, timidly.
“Oh, honestly…”
“Man, why are you guys dumping all over my solstice party?” Havoc grumbled. “I’m doing the best I can here…”

Notorious by [ profile] bob_fish
gen; PG-13; Characters: Madam Christmas; Roy Mustang (aged four), Grumman; ~3,500
Warnings: gangsters, innuendo, sleaze, dominoes and a lot of jazz age slang
Summary: Twenty-five years ago ... Chris Mustang is having a very bad month. The censors killed her show, she's in debt to a couple of very dubious businessmen, and she's working as a hostess in the worst bar in town. As if that wasn't enough, her estranged big brother seems to have gotten himself in an auto accident, and some nut decided to make her guardian of his four year old brat.

A really great piece of backstory for Madam Christmas and Roy Mustang. I devoured this story; it's a satisfying exploration of a minor character.

An Excerpt from 'Road to Revolution: the Life and Times of Roy Mustang' by bravenewcentury
gen with background Roy/Riza; Roy, Ed, Al, Riza, Winry; humor; 1,220 words
This fic comes in the form of a fictional historical document which, among other things, makes for a highly entertaining outsider POV. And it's so well done; it sounds like the real deal. Working footnotes are a given. :)
Considerably less is known of Mustang's early relationship with the younger Elric brother; although undoubtedly his contact with Mustang's circle at such an impressionable age was a major influence on his later career in Parliament, Alphonse was at this time something of an eccentric, and the majority of sources focus on his peculiar fondness for wearing full-body armour, even indoors2. He was, however, remembered fondly by many of Mustang's associates, as demonstrated in Vato Falman's The Roots of Democracy: Diaries 1910-14 (Central: Cagliostro Press, 1929):

The Wicked Age by [ profile] cornerofmadness
gen; PG-13; Pinako, Chris, Hohenheim (and guest spots by little Roy); Timeline/Spoilers: set before the series, spoilers for Christmas’s relationship to Roy; 5,800 words
Summary:Pinako needs help to find something for a friend and a lady spy might just be what the doctor ordered. Written for [community profile] fma_ladyfest for the prompt of ‘Pinako hanging out with Chris [...]’

This is a very entertaining story, a really fun read. Turns out Pinako, Hohenheim, and Chris make a great team. I love the spy plot and the whole atmosphere, really... and the guest appearances by li'l Roy, alchemist in training.

Mine to Use by [ profile] rawles
gen; PG; Riza Hawkeye, Rebecca Catalina; 2740 words
Summary: Riza needs to make it through for a lot of reasons, chief among them being that she has no idea what to do if she doesn’t.

Another one of my favorites from [community profile] fma_ladyfest. A sensitive portrayal of the way Riza and Rebecca cope with being female cadets in Amestris' predominantly male military, and of the beginnings of the friendship between them. Beautiful.

And this fanart by [ profile] bob_fish, also created for ladyfest, matches the theme well... :)
Oh, I Get By
gen; G; Riza and Rebecca, bff
Summary: Ten years of sharpshooting, snark, and nakama.

[personal profile] cinaed wrote a great commentfic for my prompt 'Scar and Miles, rebuilding'. I've been waiting for a story just like this one, one that explores Scar's role in the rebuilding of Ishval.
Where Sister and Brother and God-kin Know Us(2,200 words)

Also great: Marcoh and Scar on their road trip, Team Mustang and Briggs by bookelfe. There are more multi-fandom ficlets in this post, check them out!

Wrong Turn by [ profile] bob_fish
(Roy/Ed-ish) gen; R for Ed's swearing; spoilers thru ch.35; 5763 words
Summary: This really was turning out to be a day of surprises, thought Roy.

I loved this story... and this is coming from a card-carrying Roy/Riza shipper. The fic is nearly gen with some subtly done Roy/Ed subtext, Riza gets a sizable part and great lines, and the voices are spot-on all around. During a battle Roy manoeuvres himself into a tight spot and is in need of rescuing. Ed gets to be the knight in shining automail. Excellent action and setting descriptions... like watching the anime version in my head.

Blind Spots by [ profile] raja815
gen; PG; Characters: Heymans Breda, Jean Havoc, Roy Mustang, Maes Hughes; 999 words
Summary: It's easiest to read your own faults in the triumphs of another.

Firefight by [ profile] genarti
gen; PG-13; Havoc, Mustang, Hawkeye; 1597 words
Summary: Well, what the hell, thinks Havoc. Nobody ever claimed working for the Flame Alchemist was boring.

Seriously cool snapshot of Mustang's team, doing what they do best. The voices are spot on!
The colonel's standing two yards closer -- well, he would, and it's not as if he's got anything to worry about -- and his coattails keep billowing. It's a very dramatic silhouette, and Jean is privately sure that's the entire reason the bastard colonel wears his coat so often. Hell, he probably maneuvers the air or something to make it billow more.

The Perils of Coffee by [ profile] solitude1056
Gen; Rated G (but comes with frank sex ed talk); Chars: Ed, Hughes, Roy, Riza; 3,656 words
Summary: He decided, then, quite firmly, that he wasn’t ever going to drink coffee again, with anybody. It was too risky.

I rofl'd. A lot.

Intermission by [profile] bob_fish
gen with Roy/Riza in a subtexty, really h/c way; spoilers for ch.39/ep.19; PG-13; 2032 words
Summary: It had been something of a long night.

Alright, so I was looking for post-eps for the amazing awesomeness that was ep 19 - I mean, what self-respecting fandom doesn't crank out 300 episode tags after an ep in which the hero [spoiler], [spoiler] and then [spoiler]? But indeed, they're not that easy to find, so I was all the happier when I discovered this wonderful, well-written Riza-POV set right after the episode. It feels totally in character, and has just the right amount of subtexty concern and caring to push my UST-shipper buttons. I really enjoyed reading it.

Chessfic by [ profile] vikki (alternate link: ffn
Gen; G; Ed&Roy; 2,055 words
summary: Ed and Roy play chess against each other, and lessons are learned.

Delightful character piece.


Somewhere I Have Never Travelled by [ profile] bravenewcentury
Roy/Hawkeye; PG; spoilers through recent manga chapters; 3,614 words
Summary: Five journeys Roy made with Hawkeye.

Snapshots of Roy and Riza through the years. This story really does their relationship justice; it's beautifully written, and the pacing is just perfect.

Soon as I finished this one I started re-reading.

First Few Desperate Hours by [ profile] bravenewcentury
Roy/Riza, Team Mustang; R; Set after chapter 62; 5556 words
Summary: Isolation breeds anxiety, and some rather rash decisions.

Lovely story; there's such an intensity to it, a tension created just by having those two forced apart. I love how bravenewcentury writes Roy and Riza - in an understated way where a small gesture or line conveys a lot of feeling. And that's just what makes their relationship so intriguing for me in the first place.

Take Aim by rawles
Guys, if you haven't already... run, don't walk to read [ profile] rawles's story of Riza growing up. ♥ I'm just... it's just, so good. Such a satisfying exploration of both her relationship with her father and how it shaped her, and her relationship with Roy. An incredible, subtle character study. I couldn't put it down.
Roy/Riza (Riza POV); Rating: sex (reccer guesses R); some backstory spoilers; 6445 words
Summary: Riza Hawkeye, before.

Heaven Is Fucking Lost Goddamn (Welcome to Hell) by [ profile] rawles
Roy/Riza;PG-13?; 1900 words
warning: none... unless you liked 'Conqueror of Shamballa' in which case this fic might not be for you
Summary: Roy sits up, gasping.

This is crackfic except it's not, really. Apparently when Rawles writes crack we get in-depth insights into the characters along with the funny. Insta-rec!

I must rec these commentfics by [ profile] bookelfe!
She's written this happymaking Roy/Riza ficlet: Fullmetal Alchemist: Mustang/Hawkeye shippiness or UST, OH TWIST MY ARM )
Is there anything more adorable than these two repressed people flirting in code? I think not.

A Modest Proposal by [ profile] bob_fish
Roy/Riza; mild NC-17; spoilers for Ch58, Ch60, and Ch89; 7428 words
Summary: You've got to start a career in skullduggery somewhere. In this case, it starts with two lonely, bored teenagers left unsupervised with a cabinet of hard liquor, a cocktail shaker and a stack of banned books.

Wonderful snippet of backstory with great character voices. (I just re-read it in order to rec it; this story has so many good lines that it's just as entertaining on the second read.)


responsible adults by [ profile] metisket
Ed/Win (and some Roy/Riza subtext); humor; futurefic, spoilers for the end of the manga; 3,300 words

Love the style and the tone of this fic: very funny, great voices. And I really like the easy friendship between those four.
Sara, just four. She was pretty little still, but she was getting to be a real help with stuff around the house. You’d turn to look for a screwdriver or something and she’d be right there holding it. It was…
Well, it was pretty much the most adorable thing Ed had ever seen in his life, but he wasn’t going to come out and say that and start sounding exactly like Hughes.
“Papa,” she said in a worryingly awed tone of voice. “The sparks are blue.”
He turned with a sinking feeling, and noted that the sparks were, indeed, blue. Meaning that whichever way he’d wired those wires, it had been the wrong way.

Here's a story that I really enjoyed:
A Better Fate ch. 1 ch. 2 by [ profile] cornerofmadness
PG-13; Ed/Winry, Roy/Riza; ~13,000 words
Summary: Having finally achieved most his goals, Ed has only one thing on his mind: showing Winry how he feels.
It's set post-manga with our heroes taking a breather after the final showdown, and it's full of humor and little character moments. Ed's point of view is fun to read (as is seeing Mustang and Hawkeye through his eyes...)
Ed sat down. “You look like hell.”
“Good. I’d hate to look better than I feel. Tell me, can I throw a party or what?” Mustang managed a grin.

The Beatings Will Continue by [personal profile] evil_little_dog
Summary: Concerned about Edward and Winry’s relationship, Alex Louis speaks out.

Mmmh, mmmetafic. ^^


Al woos a Xingian princess. :) Fullmetal Alchemist: Al/Mei by bookelfe


Top Banana by [ profile] bob_fish & [ profile] enemytosleep
NC-17; Roy/Maes (with Roy/Riza/Maes/Graecia background OT4); Word Count: 9550
Summary: Kids, don't try this at home... Roy gets a promotion and Maes helps him celebrate in a night neither will never forget.


End of History by SerenKyun (FMA)
MMV; Roy/Riza

SerenKyun's editing is always fresh and dynamic. At first I wasn't sure about the use of typography but after watching a couple times I found I like it - I like how it picks up the song lyrics and at the same time casually translates the Japanese dialogue, all while interacting with the art. It makes it a bit harder to catch everything at once (hence the repeated watching) but yeah, very interesting!

Let's become stories by [ profile] hayaaateuh (AMV)
ensemble vid with a side of Roy/Riza / Song: Diamonds by The A-Sides

Very convincing constructed reality! The vid starts slow, with a recapping of past events; then when the music speeds up it tells a story of what happened after canon ended. Okay, so Hayaaateuh says the vid is not her headcanon... it's not my headcanon either, that's for sure! Some events in this vid? Never happen, in my mind! :P But headcanon or not, it's just so well done! She has edited not just clips together but also details within the frames, so you look at certain sequences and wonder which fma ova you've missed.

Birth & Death by Hayaaaateuh (AMV)
I think this vid is really mesmerizing in the way it captures the sheer epic scope of Arakawa's story.

vidder's note: So, yes, the theme of death and loss is inherent in FullMetal Alchemist, as it is closely linked to many character's stories. But one of the reasons why this manga touched me so deeply is that Arakawa didn't only drew this side of life, but made her story come full circle by showing that there is always a hope of rebirth - may it be the birth of a family, of a brand new political era, or the rebirth of a culture.

Military Dogs
gen; characters: military
I've never watched the first anime, nor do I plan to. This vid uses 1st anime footage and canon but I find it compelling nonetheless. The song works well with the clips, and the timing is excellent... it manages to convey a downright ominous feeling.

Riza Hawkeye - Bad Reputation by norris64 (MMV)
There are many good reasons to read Fullmetal Alchemist - here's one of them, and she's badass and hot as hell.

Losing You by SerenKyun
Royai MMV; spoilers for recent chapters (101)
SerenKyun uses interesting effects to transform the manga art into vid format. Very shiny!

Nightlights - Royai
I like the mood of this vid.

Flames of revenge
Deals with the Mustang-Hughes-Envy storyline, and makes great use of both the manga panels and scenes from the anime. Very dynamic in spite of the comparedly static nature of the manga images.
And here is a preview vid for an anime-version: Soon (link goes to youtube, so, you know... get it while it's hot)
The first half is scenes from the above linked vid, the second half is new material. And it looks *good*.

crack: everybody loves roy! by morningeee
Funny vid, though the cuts are a bit fast for my taste. I actually noticed that with most of the FMA vids I found interesting. Just a coincidence, or are vids in anime fandom cut faster than in Western media fandom? Like, a general stylistic trend?

Here's another one I really like, but which I'd enjoy even more if it would allow me a breather here and there to process the information.
All is fading by SerenKyun
Song: Fading by Decyfer Down.
Really, darn fast... but it's so well-edited that it doesn't feel hectic. I love the music choice, too. Ensemble vid.