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aos fanart: Headcanon comic cover

Been a while since I posted here... let's see if I remember how it works ;)

I already posted this one, but since I'm between jobs atm, I used the time to fix some older fanart. In this case, I gave Kara Palamas her real face... something that had bugged me to no end.

note: I love Kara Palamas and Grant Ward and will be forever bitter about the way canon treated them. I don't want to discuss it here and I don't want any comments dissing any of the characters in this pic. (aos is the kind of fandom where you need to state this)
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I still haven't watched Agents of SHIELD and I'm sorry that there has been fandom unpleasantness for you.

This is a gorgeous, moody piece.
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That bad? :( Sorry to hear. Thanks for the warning, though; 'preciate it.