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Fanart sales post

Since I had to cut back my workload for stress-related reasons, I strive to find additional sources of income that preferably don't involve deadlines. For this reason I'm selling some of the fanart that accumulated over the years. PM me or email me at vohwink at gmail dot com if you're interested.

There are a number of pieces I can't sell, because I can't part with them, already gave them away, or because they were partly done digitally. But if anyone would be interested in a hi-res print for example of the artwork below, that I could do. Those prints would be 20 dollars plus postage:

(Most of the pics link back to the larger images.)

small color sketch:

The following pieces are all available as originals, but I can sell them as prints as well. The originals sell at $100 dollars for complete illos, $30 for vignettes/character studies. $20 for prints. All prices plus postage. Some of these are negotiable, depending on my level of attachment.

(Note that I tweaked most of the artwork in Photoshop before posting, so the originals may slightly differ from the online version.)

SGA fanart

large (~A3, ca. 11x16 inches)

medium (~A4, ca. 8x11 inches)

Fullmetal Alchemist / Leverage

(The Eliot fight scene is about A4 size, the FMA piece is smaller)

Color Sketches (SGA and others):


~A4 size


(The Fashion History Meme: Sophie Devereaux, Ancient Rome & Winry as a medieval lady | Spike in a Zoot suit | Faith, slayer of the vampyres | Ronon in Ancient Greek battle dress | Ronon as a Spartan soldier)


Prices for the dioramas vary:
Dolphins below Atlantis: $60
Space with Puddlejumper: $50 cardboard version, $70 framed version
Roy and Riza with Hayate's puppies: $100
Budapest!: $200
(Snake Charmers isn't for sale)
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Oooh I might be interested in the victors stuff and the dolphins! :D Can you email me about the diorama, the victors cover of John and Rodney before atlantis, and the dolphin original and print? cesperanza at gmail!