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Friday, January 19th, 2007 02:38 pm
Still haven't decided if that NCIS thing of mine is just a fling or turning into a more permanent fannish obsession. No matter what... I don't know if it's by sheer luck of the draw or it's because the show has been on the air for a few years, but I'm having a *much* easier time finding good fic than in Bones fandom. The good stuff practically jumps at you, Sturgeon's Law notwithstanding.

(Seekrit message to all the 'Bones' fans on my flist: NCIS is nothing like JAG (from which it spun off) and bears, in fact, a lot of resemblance to 'Bones': An interesting ensemble with quirky characters operating in a procedural setting. Come on over and jump in, the water's lovely. :) )

on to the recs )

coming soon: 'Bones' fic recs
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Thursday, January 11th, 2007 11:41 pm
I finished the Big Damn Book Yay (yesterday night at four, to be precise). I'll let it sink in for another day, then I have to check everything for continuity, add a few remaining tiny details, and that's it. This means, a week off at least. That also means, updates on Yoon's and my crossover comic "Synth", coming soon to a LJ near you. :)
I also, for the first time in over a year, updated my official site or what passes for it. Funny, I have no trouble finding the time to update this journal regularly, but updating that gallery is like pulling teeth. Doesn't help their user-interface is clunky as hell.
While I'm at updating sites, here's some more artwork I scavenged from my olde fansite. Actually I ended up re-scanning those as well. Two more pages of x-files comic, however these are not part of an original story.This was just sample work, a snippet of the episode EBE, in comic format, never intended to be continued. Drawn about nine years ago. I think I already posted them on this journal once, but that must have been ages ago so hopefully most people here haven't seen them before.Read more... )

Last not least, the little vignette that goes with the Smile Time comic. I never got around to adding background like I'd originally planned but what the hell, I'll add it as it is. (Also linked here before).Read more... )
And now I shall zonk out in front of the tv with an ep of NCIS.

So, NCIS... the other day I hunted down the two elusive JAG crossover episodes that spun off the show, and while at it took a look at some of the DVD commentary. Am now toying with the thought of bying a DVD set. And what little fic I read this past month was mostly NCIS. Guess there's no denying it... I like this show. Huh. I like this show a lot. That sure came out of nowhere. FX, with their daily repeats during hiatus, completely sucked me in. (Hey Fox, by the way? This is how you attract new viewers.)
I've skipped almost all fic links during the past month... maybe now I'll find the time to catch up on my reading. But some fic recs did accumulate; will post them sometime this week.
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Friday, December 22nd, 2006 11:44 pm
Okay, before everyone leaves for the holidays, a quick question for the flist: How do you get your tags displayed on the main page of your journals? I always thought I couldn't do that because I had a free account but now that I upgraded to paid, I still can't. So I guess my elljay-fu must be too weak. Also, some people have their favourite web sites listed; that would come in handy, too.

Another thing: any NCIS fans here, by any chance? 'cuz I got kick-ass fic that I just read - long, plotty, incredibly well written - and no one to rec it to. I'm itching to share it.
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Wednesday, December 20th, 2006 01:40 am
Yes!! As of tonight, four of twelve pages of the book are largely finished and I'm no longer fretting over deadlines. Just a psychological trick, really - I picked the four pages that would go by far the fastest. But my brain is easily fooled and it finally feels like I made some good progress. Anything to get the ball rolling. I want to have it finished in four weeks at the latest and I now think that's very doable.

I may have even finished the final five pages of "Synth", the Fray comic, by that time. This weekend I visited my Dad for our family Christmas (we always celebrate a week early, it's a thing) and used the train ride for scribbling the final missing scenes. Maybe I'll start pencilling tonight, it's still early and work for today being finished and all...

I also procrastinated a little by reading, ahem, NCIS fic. I know. I have no idea how that happened, two weeks ago I had no idea what that show is about, but FX is showing two eps a night, and I like to have some sort of background entertainment when I'm working, and somehow this show may have managed to suck me in. Never thought I'd enjoy a Jag-spinoff of all things... I never cared much for anything but genre shows. Somehow I developed a taste for procedurals, and with 'Bones' on hiatus it's a nice substitute. It bears some similarities to 'Bones', actually, in that the characterizations are strong and the characters quirky.

Oh, also, the final pages of Chrome-Magnon are already scanned, I located the missing page as well. I just have to change the text in one balloon, then I can upload the whole bunch. I'll post them sometime tomorrow.