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Wednesday, July 31st, 2013 10:13 am
I've been slacking on the recs, but to make up for it today's recs post is eclectic...

Here's a really well-done Wire fic that fleshes out the two women in Omar's crew:
Them Ghosts by [archiveofourown.org profile] lettersandsodas
Kimmy/Tosha (bg Omar/Dante); backstory/character study; mature; 8378 words
Summary: Kimmy and Tosha's lives from ages 15-16 up through what we see of them on the show. Contains spoilers for the canon through season 3, but mostly pertaining to Kimmy and Tosha's fates. There are also mentions of violence, drugs, sex, etc. Basically, it's what you'd expect from the fandom, which is a pretty intimidating one to write in. I hope I got this kind of right, because I really loved these characters, minor though they might have been to the canon.

A cute Voyager fic featuring mysterious aliens and Neelix' cooking:
Free Lunch by [archiveofourown.org profile] AlphaFlyer
Tom/B'Elanna, Tom&Harry, and crew; humor/crack; 2145 words
Summary: Lunch in the Delta Quadrant isn't what it's cracked up to be. Or ... maybe it is?

Avengers fic: Hurt!Clint and protective!Team... *happy sigh*
Protected by [archiveofourown.org profile] cat_77
Gen; Clint and team; h/c; teen; 4942 words
Summary: Protect - to keep safe from injury or harm. (For the "bodyguards" square at hc_bingo.)
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Monday, July 22nd, 2013 11:19 pm
For the "Let's Draw Sherlock July: Holmes in your Culture: Cultureshock by Katzensprotte
Not my fandom, but as a German this made me giggle. (It's so very true.)

Bourne Legacy rec:
Delayed gratification by [archiveofourown.org profile] spockside
Aaron/Marta; Aaron Cross (and Kenneth Kitsom) character study; rated teen; 2096 words
Summary: What Marta doesn't know is that the first time they make love is Aaron's first time, ever.
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Sunday, April 8th, 2012 07:28 pm
Learning the Language by Allemande (DS9)
post-canon; Garak/Bashir friendship/romance; PG; 14,174 words
Summary: Julian Bashir joins the post-war effort on Cardassia Prime and learns Kardasi - and a few things about his own past along the way.

Just the kind of post-war fic I wanted to read when the show went off the air (but that I couldn't find anywhere at the time)! Interesting exploration of Cardassian culture along with relatable original characters, and a quite satisfying and believable development of Julian's relationship with Garak. Really enjoyed it.
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Tuesday, January 3rd, 2012 11:49 pm
Son of a Preacher Man by [archiveofourown.org profile] Nyssa23 (DS9)
Gen with a side of Jake/Nog; PG-13
Summary: Jake and Nog, over the years.

I love this look at Jake's and Nog's unlikely friendship over the years.
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Thursday, December 9th, 2010 02:16 am
Lucky Man by [livejournal.com profile] penknife ST:AOS (with references to TOS canon)
gen; PG; Characters: Kirk (+ McCoy, Uhura, Pike, and Spock); ~3800 words
Summary: The reporters are looking for a story about Tarsus IV, but Jim doesn't have one he wants to tell.
AOS characters and TOS backstory, seamlessly interwoven. I love how all the characters involved are drawn, and the restrained way in which she portrays Kirk's trauma.

Here's a neat youtube film by two German magicians/jugglers. No German language skills necessary, there's no dialogue. Just lots of flying objects. I wonder how often they had to retake each scene. A Normal Day

And here's the plot of the original Star Wars trilogy retold in paper animation: Jeremy Messersmith - Tatooine

Military Dogs (FMA)
gen; characters: military
I've never watched the first anime, nor do I plan to. This vid uses 1st anime footage and canon but I find it compelling nonetheless. The song works well with the clips, and the timing is excellent... it manages to convey a downright ominous feeling.

here's a comm I'd been meaning to pimp for a while: [livejournal.com profile] kidpix
This is sortakinda like the Scans Daily of kid's books. People post scans of children's books of every imaginable style from all over the world. The comm is fairly high traffic but not so much that it floods my reading list. It's in Russian but the posts are all about the pics anyway.

An entry to water your appetite: Недетские сказки Японии

or this one: Bill Thomson. Chalk
Normally I'm not all that crazy about photorealism, but I like how the artist plays with it here.

and this is from a series I'm collecting myself :) Jill Barklem, Autumn Story

(there were more posts I wanted to share but I didn't bookmark them. Never gonna find them again.)
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Thursday, September 30th, 2010 12:05 pm
Mmmh, mmmetafic. These two fics make a neat recs set so I can't resist.

Star Trek: Solutions, Kirk/Spock, Spock/Uhura by [livejournal.com profile] tralalali
Warnings: character bashing, even though I don't think I should call it that, but to spare some people's delicate sensibilities..

why rec'd: He he he

FMA: The Beatings Will Continue by [livejournal.com profile] evil_little_dog
Summary: Concerned about Edward and Winry’s relationship, Alex Louis speaks out.

why rec'd: If you're subscribed to [livejournal.com profile] fm_alchemist and have bruises on your forehead from all the headdesking, you'll know why. ;)

In a somewhat different vein, here's a link that's been sitting in my to-rec folder for ages:
Queen of the Night Aria from Mozart's The Magic Flute
The vocals are incredible! (The really good part starts at 0:40.)
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Monday, April 26th, 2010 02:42 am
Only one more day to go on Project-where-the-deadline-was-last-week. Today I carried a little table into our front yard and worked outside in the sun all day. It was great. I got four pages colored and I even got to squeeze in a bit of rollerblading and watched the latest ep of FMA with the roommate. (My housemates are into the show. Can't say I saw that coming. One of them has even learned the first OP, to sing to the guitar. In Japanese.:)

I imagine the only thing that's saved my flist from a "here's why you should totally watch Brotherhood" post - complete with screencaps and embedded vids - has been my lack of time combined with the gorgeous spring weather. (You totally should, though.)
related: useful link for those learning the language: Japanese colloquial contractions. A lot of things make more sense to me now.

Okay, fic recs! I wanted to rec these stories the moment I read them:
Another Military Party by [livejournal.com profile] bookelfe (FMA)
gen with Roy/Riza subtext; characters: Mustang, Hawkeye, Olivier Armstrong, King Bradley and family; 6,302 words
Warning: major spoilers through ch83/ep45
Summary: Shockingly, certain traitorous conspirators are finding this year's Central Officer's Ball a little tense.

Roy and Riza, and the dance of political intrigue: this fic is everything I love about the show and the characters. The characterization is amazing all around, and moments of humor are balanced with tension and drama. (And seeing Roy Mustang dance the Drachmenne with Major General Armstrong... I mean, that alone would be worth the price of admission. :)

Somewhere I Have Never Travelled by [livejournal.com profile] bravenewcentury (FMA)
Roy/Hawkeye; PG; spoilers through recent manga chapters; 3,614 words
Summary: Five journeys Roy made with Hawkeye.

Snapshots of Roy and Riza through the years. This story really does their relationship justice; it's beautifully written, and the pacing is just perfect.

Soon as I finished this one I started re-reading.

Never Work with Children or Animals by [livejournal.com profile] argosy (SGA)
Rodney/Teyla and Torren; PG; humor; ~4,400
Summary: Rodney should have known better than to accompany Torren to a coming-of-age ritual.

Rodney and Torren doing the father-son (sort of) bonding thing is both hilarious and adorable.

"Torren and I always speak frankly in the lab."
"Is that so?" Sheppard sounded amused.
"Yes," Torren said. "It's a rule. Science demands absolute integrity."
Women's Revolutionary Law by [livejournal.com profile] merisunshine36 (ST)
gen; G; characters: Gaila & OFC; Rating: G
Summary: When Gaila was four, she and her clan sister escaped to freedom in the Federation. But freedom, like everything else, comes with a cost. This is their story.

Thanks to [personal profile] yvi I learned that DW now has a feature for sticky posts, which is both simpler and more elegant than the crutch one has to use on LJ. How do I make an entry sticky, so it's always at the top of my journal? (Basically you just write a standard post and then click a "make it sticky" option.)

linkage: Ryan Doyle 2009 - I like to Spin (Parkour/Freerunning)
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Wednesday, March 24th, 2010 04:57 pm
My to-link bookmark folder has accumulated so many links that I have to scroll to get to the newest ones, which means it's time for a spring cleaning. I'm listing a bunch of them in this post to make space. These are all links I found interesting for one reason or other. I'm saving the longer fic for proper recs, but I'm listing a couple of shorter fics.meta/politics )fic recs (nuTrek, SGA) )fanart (general, SPN) )
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Friday, December 11th, 2009 03:20 am
I have to do something about my sleep rhythm. For the past two weeks I never went to bed before 4am, and consequently barely got up at noon, which leaves 4 meager hours of sunlight (best case scenario). I tried setting my alarm to 11am for a start, but it's useless, I'll just fall asleep again. One morning I hit the off button in my sleep. And it's only gonna get darker. Two more weeks to go. I am so looking forward to winter solstice! At least tonight I'm really tired. It helps that I finished all of my Christmas-deadline work and as to the rest I'm stuck waiting for feedback.

I already started celebrating my free weekend by reading through my stack of short fics. (Everyone's talking about sga_santa and I've barely made a dent in my Big Bang reading. /o\)
I'll rec some longer stories later (sleep first...) but for now, a couple quick recs of short fic I liked:

In Sickness and In Health by [livejournal.com profile] linziday
gen; PG-13, John + ensemble; whump, humor; for Holiday H/C Comment Fic Exchange

Local Specialty by [livejournal.com profile] penknife
"What a large insect," Teyla says, her tone very carefully polite. She pokes the lobster with the tiny fork that came with it, as if making sure it will not move. (~1,250 words)

Sunlight on Broken Things by [livejournal.com profile] frith_in_thorns
gen; PG; h/c
Well-written tag for Storm/Eye

On The Shores of a Wine-Dark Sea by To be revealed
written for the Last Fiction Writer Standing challenge.

xposted from stargategenrec:
Shrine Tag by [livejournal.com profile] friendshipper
gen; PG; Rodney, John, Jennifer, Teyla; 2,850 words
Why rec'd? Excellent Shrine tag. Rodney is slowly recovering (too slowly for his taste). I love how friendshipper writes whumped&cranky Rodney, and his friends who're there to look after him. The writing style is great, and the voices are so spot on, it feels like it's part of the actual episode.

Battle Of Wills by [livejournal.com profile] laughtersmelody
gen; PG; John Sheppard, Jennifer Keller
Summary: Doctors make the worst patients. Jennifer Keller had always believed that was true -- she’d had to treat a few other doctors in her career and they’d all been awful patients. But that was before she’d met John Sheppard. He had to win the award for the worst patient ever. (Written for Holiday h/c Comment Fic Exchange at [profile] sgahcchallenges.)
Why rec'd? I like the look we get at Sheppard though Keller's eyes - it gives good insight into both their minds, and feels really in character.

Emblem by [livejournal.com profile] penknife (ST reboot, Uhura)
Penknife has this talent to convey a lot of meaning in very few lines. This is a short ficlet, but it just nails what I love about Uhura.
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Sunday, June 14th, 2009 01:52 am
[personal profile] rheanna wrote Star Trek Reboot fic: Lunch and Other Obscenities. A fantastic, well-rounded story about culture clashes, friendship, and linguistics. Uhura and Gaila friendship, with a hint at Spock/Uhura. Not to be missed!
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Thursday, March 19th, 2009 10:01 pm
fic rec: Just one quick DS9 rec, then it's back to Stargate.
I already rec'd Talking Stick/Circle, a fantastic, epic Voyager series by Macedon and Peg Robinson. (part 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8)
You don't need to watch Voyager in order to enjoy these stories; they're arguably better than almost any given episode of the show itself, anyway.
... can't believe how long it took to find working links for these... I mean, those are *classics*, man.

Macedon also wrote Jeu-Parti, a DS9 three-parter that is every bit as good. The series spans over several years and revolves around the relationship between Jake Sisko and a young Vulcan singer. Jake's characterization is on to start with, and Macedon adds layers and dimension to what we've seen in canon. Salene, the Vulcan, is so three-dimensional and fascinating a character that he can carry his share of the story, easily. Macedon writes gripping plot and explores all kinds of complex themes while telling his story. If you don't like slash, if you don't read DS9, I say you'd still enjoy this series. It's just that good and original. (The first part is gen.)details under the cut )

A quick update to my SG Fan Awards question from earlier regarding the pro rule:
I heard back from the mod I asked; it turns out that professionals are only excluded if they've published in the Stargate 'verse, everything else is fine. They cleared that bit up a little in the rules as well.

The new pingbackbot feature is quite neat. What do you do with these notifications? Unscreen? Leave them screened? Just curious.

I'm between projects *and* I have a cold (AGAIN, WTF!) Therefore the frequent posting. Read more... )

I was browsing around Fanlore and found out that the one time I use the word "fucking" in a post, I immediately get quoted in a wiki. LOL (Seriously, I got a kick out of seeing the link.)
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Thursday, December 29th, 2005 04:32 pm
I've (temporarily) given up on fixing the stylesheet... after reading a little into the matter I'm, quite frankly, surprised it works at all. So the pages look a little crappy in IE. So what. One more reason to switch to Mozilla. :P I can make so much better use of my time with a recs post.

[livejournal.com profile] buffyversetop5: a seasonal community for rec'ing favourites of the past year, be it fanfic, fanart, vids, meta... anything. A fantastic idea. It'll take a good while to check out everything rec'd there. (And posting is still open through January, so maybe I'll find the time to come up with my own list.)

I'm properly inspired to rec some of my non-buffyverse favourites:

Fanfic: Talking Stick/Circle, a fantastic, epic Voyager series by Macedon and Peg Robinson. (part 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8)
A series of eight stories, extremely well written. The plot is epic, and the format particularly interesting: Macedon wrote "The Talking Stick" as a one-shot from Chakotay's POV because, being a Native American himself, he was dissatisfied with the clichéd way the character was portrayed on the show. Peg wrote 'Circle' quasi as a reply from Janeway's POV, and a 'dialog' ensued. This series does something that the PTB never accomplished: explore the full potential of ST:Voyager.

Original fiction: Women on Fire by [livejournal.com profile] plaidder
I don't usually read original fic online, but because I've read and loved Plaidder's Garak/Bashir DS9 fanfic, I checked out the first book in this series, "Taken Child". And was hooked. Plaidder has a rare talent for world-building. Her universe draws you in; you'll feel, laugh, suffer, and hope, with these characters.
By all accounts this story should be sitting on a bookstore shelf, next to the other fantasy bestsellers. The mixed genre (femslash, fantasy, with a good deal of social critique) and the length of the novel may make it a hard sell, but I still hope to see this picked up by a publisher eventually. I cannot recommend this one highly enough.
This link will take you to the first chapter of "Taken Child".
After that, go here to order the complete stories. (She mails them as text attachments, free of charge.)

Books: Fermat's Last Theorem by Simon Singh
The story of a puzzle that mathematicians and math enthusiasts alike have been trying to solve for over 300 years - ever since in 1637, Pierre de Fermat wrote matter-of-factly in the margin of a book, "I have a truly marvellous demonstration of this proposition which this margin is too narrow to contain." (neener neener)

Hard to believe that a documentary about a mathematical proof could be more suspenseful than any mystery book. The pacing of this story is such that it's hard to put down. It provides a fascinating look into the world of mathematics and is written in a way that even the layman can follow. The author takes us on a tour of the history of number theory, and shows how centuries' worth of discoveries all play into the final proof of Fermat's theorem. Singh manages to keep the book free of mathematical formulae (but if you're so inclined, the appendix contains some of the proofs mentioned in the book). One exception is the notorious one in question, which looks simple enough: xn + yn = zn...

Movie: Rhythm is it!
This movie is showing in Muenster in its 66th consecutive week, and with good reason. Again, a documentary that beats every movie I saw that year (including 'Lord of the Rings' and 'About Schmidt").

It's a documentary about an educational project of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra under Sir Simon Rattle: 250 Berlin schoolkids from various countries and social backgrounds study a choreography to "Le Sacre du Printemps", to later perform on stage.

The performance came to be a huge success, but it didn't come overnight. Choreographer Royston Maldoom only slowly gets through to the students, many of whom are socially disadvantaged with no self-confidence, let alone a feeling for their own body. For many of these kids, this is the first time they sink their teeth into a task and get a feeling of accomplishment. To see how art can change the life of people is simply inspiring.

The film just came out on DVD - I've been waiting for that all year. The 3 DVD set contains not just the movie itself, but also the complete stage perfomance, commentaries, and much more background material. (for just 28 Euro a good deal). Language: a mixture of English and German.

Kids' books: "Junie B., First Grader" by Barbara Park
I picked up "Junie B., First Grader - Cheater Pants" at the airport this summer. 23 hour layover... I was bored. Due to my job I buy a lot of kids' books, mostly for the illustrations. But this one I actually read because, really, it's hilarious. I've bought a couple more of them on amazon since. Geared toward beginning readers, I'm thinking this series would be great for kids who're just starting to learn English, too. The style is easy to follow, but not simplistic. I like the way the stories convey a moral without being so anvilly moralizing.

Uff. Now I'm going running. In the snow! :)