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Wednesday, September 4th, 2013 11:22 pm
Sunrise over Montmartre by Alpha Flyer (Star Trek: Voyager)
Gen; Harry Kim & Tom Paris; timetravel/backstory; rated teen; 10,163 words
Summary: In which Harry sacrifices some rations to discover just how deep Tom Paris' problems with temporal dynamics really go, and we learn the truth about what happened with Susie Crabtree.

In other news, all the talk about the new Yuletide rules had a pleasant side-effect: I found out that there is more than one book to Gotham Central. I'm reading book two of this noir series right now. I'm finding the characters rather more interesting than Batman himself. The plotlines as well. Also loving the gritty art style and crisp dialogue.

Speaking of comics, I'm really embracing the new Amazon trade-in market. I have by now sent in four or five packages of old books and DVDs and accumulated enough store credit to keep me in comics and DVDs for the next few months. Shopping is a lot more fun if you don't have to pay for it. And as a side effect my book shelves are a lot less cluttered now.

I read Black Widwo: Itsy Bitsy Spider a little while ago and liked it a lot. It's not as brilliant as The Name of the Rose, but then, what is. I thought the book really did right by Natasha's character, and Yelena is intriguing as well. The art was good, too. I mean, okay, both front and back cover are candidates for The Hawkeye Initiative so I was wary, but lo, it seems the artist/editors got it out of their system with the cover art and the inside art is fine. :P

All right, so, I'm looking for more Black Widow.
-I loved Name of the Rose
-liked Itsy Bitsy Spider a lot
-thought Black Widow Strikes was okay but not spectacular
-was indifferent to Widowmaker because the characters fell flat for me.
Based on these, are there any more Natasha-centric comics you can recommend?