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Tuesday, January 5th, 2016 06:59 pm
Been a while since I posted here... let's see if I remember how it works ;)

I already posted this one, but since I'm between jobs atm, I used the time to fix some older fanart. In this case, I gave Kara Palamas her real face... something that had bugged me to no end.

note: I love Kara Palamas and Grant Ward and will be forever bitter about the way canon treated them. I don't want to discuss it here and I don't want any comments dissing any of the characters in this pic. (aos is the kind of fandom where you need to state this)
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Friday, May 22nd, 2015 11:34 pm
maybe i don't know how to love (but maybe i do) by skyesward
Skyeward; superhero sidekick AU; part 1/2, 4041 words
Summary: She doesn't think she'll ever see him again. It's New York. It'd surprise her if they ever stood on the same street corner again.
As it turns out, fate has a thing for irony.

the one where skye is everyone's favourite superhero, and ward is the damsel that searches for distress.

you live with ghosts by Overdressedtokill (SkyeStan)
Skyeward sorta; semi-canon compliant s3 fic; 2824
Summary: superhero Skye confronts supervillain Ward. Except maybe he’s not that much of a supervillain, and maybe nothing’s ever black and white. And maybe Skye hates him. And maybe she doesn’t at all.

you and i can make our escape by thequeenofokay
Kara/Ward; post S2 fix it fic/ Castle crossover; 1560 words
Summary: ‘We were given a tipoff that you’re in danger,’ the officer says. He checks his notes. ‘Something about a past that you need to escape from.’
// in which kara palamas gets a new identity and a new job with the nypd.

chasing those lies (you spend it all) by shineyma
biospecialist; The Magical Place tag;2754 words
Summary: Jemma is summoned to the Hub three days into their team’s downtime.

Looks like a oneshot but I'd love to see this developed into a full story.
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Wednesday, May 20th, 2015 01:34 pm
Switching it Off (and turning it on again) by CaptainSummerDay
Skye/Ward, Fitz, Simmons; IT tech AU; industry spies and IT guys/romance; WIP (15,538 words)
Summary: Skye loves her job at Shield Consulting. There's only one thing that can cast a cloud of grief on her day.

Dealing with Tech Support.

Office AU in which Grant makes a bad first impression.

Cool plot, kickass Skye. Here's a dose of happiness after the finale that should never have been.
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Tuesday, May 19th, 2015 11:10 am
take the gun, count to three by WingedWolf121
FitzWard; AU; spies & secret agents; WIP (2857 words)
Summary: Agent Grant Ward is the best her majesty’s secret service has to offer. So when M sends him out to investigate the suspicious Daniel Whitehall, he expects nothing more than a lukewarm leftover from the cold war and the chance to kick a few criminals in the face. But Whitehall hasn’t just been making himself a castle fortress—he’s been recruiting scientists. And one of them might be even grumpier than Ward.

Feat 007!Ward, Melinda May as M, Skye as the charming Moneypenny, Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons as scientists who most certainly did not sign up for this, Whitehall as the same psychopath he’s always been but with some Bondian twists, and more!
Only one chapter so far but it's so fun, I gotta rec it right away...
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Sunday, May 10th, 2015 11:36 pm
A Walk in the Park by AlphaFlyer
Gen; Clint Barton & Maria Hill; spies & secret agents; 1410 words
Summary: Clint Barton has complaints, and a job to do; Maria Hill has a ringside seat.

Vulnerable Mind by Athelassa
Gen; Grant Ward & team; mission gone wrong/action/hurt/comfort; WIP, 8551 words
Summary:“Look,” Coulson said with a frown, “I’m the director, I make the decisions. This is a mission that suits Ward’s qualities perfectly.”
Oh yes, right. There was primarily one quality that predestined him for this mission.
“I get it, Coulson,” Ward threw in with a smirk of false bravado. “I’m expendable.”

(baby you're) super by SafelyCapricious
Biospecialist; very AU; superheroes & supervillains/humor/crack; 2943 words
Summary: They give him what amount to super powers and then they try to brainwash him. Needless to say, it doesn’t stick. He has to hand it to whoever in HYDRA’s upper echelon decided on the order of the procedure.

Surprisingly not angsty, given the subject matter.

The only exception (is where the lines overlap) by Poetgirl925
Skyeward; AU; spies & secret agents/action/UST; 20700 words
(part 3 of The Head and the Heart series)
Summary: Skye and Ward continue to build on their working relationship as they both try to ignore the attraction that still simmers between them. Skye's first field mission doesn't go as planned, and Grant realizes that Skye is a dangerous exception to his hard rules.

Important words (you understand it's love the first time you say "no") by Matarreyes
Skyeward; epilogue; 3369 words
(part 3 of the Who they become (always depended only on them) series)
Summary: He'd be content to leave the past well enough alone. Forget his time with John, forget his time with Coulson, live just the present. Too bad that Skye is under some strange conviction that if she makes enough balancing, she'll convince Coulson and Grant to play along. It'll never work, he knows, because half of the hate on Coulson's part is subconscious seething about the fact that Grant took Skye away from him.
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Sunday, May 10th, 2015 01:48 pm
SHIELD Up by NezumiPi
Gen; characters: original team; vignettes/snapshots/character study; WIP, 14722 words

A series of insightful vignettes through the lives of the characters, starting from when they were little kids. It's perfect. Go read!
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Tuesday, April 14th, 2015 12:37 pm
Stay the Course by eedmund [now complete!]
Skye/Ward, Agent 33, Mike Peterson, team; action/adventure/romance; warning: graphic violence; 51835 words
Summary: The course of love never did run smooth but, let's be real honest, no course runs smooth for Skye and Ward. Skye's trying to find out who or what she really is and her fact finding mission leads her and her friends back to S.H.I.E.L.D. and into a nasty altercation with a terrorist group. (part 4 of "An Honest Conversation")

Six Between the Two of Us by EllieCarina
SkyeWard, team, Kara; undercover/mission/romance; 7776 words
Summary: Skye has to deal with Ward, Ward has to deal with Skye. And then there is a mission to go undercover...to Hydra of all places. And as a couple, of all things. // Continuation and speculation on the episodes after 2x18.

queen of no identity by owlvsdove
Jemma & Ward & Kara team-up, plus May; friendship/action; 8331 words
Summary: Grant brings Kara to Jemma for help.

Pull Me Down by larry_hystereks
Skyeward canon AU; fluff/action/slow burn; 1736 words
Summary: A continuation of 'Push Me Up'.
Skye saves Grant.
(Part II of the Push series)

dear forgiveness, i saved a plate for you by catteo
Skyeward; 3741 words
Summary: This came about when Redbrunja asked me whether I thought Grant would buy Skye a ring in order to propose. I ended up justifying my argument in a rather long-winded fashion. You are so welcome. The Skyeward proposal I GENUINELY never thought I would write.
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Tuesday, April 14th, 2015 12:32 pm
I got so many bookmarks saved up, I'm splitting them into two posts.

Across the Board by Eienvine
Skyeward, slow burn; WIP: 4071 words (Only one chapter out so far but it's a great start.)
Summary: Skye once thought that she would hate Grant Ward forever. But time has a way of changing things, even hate.

blame the evil squirrel by themidsummersoldier
Summary: /// “You boys need a moment?” \\\ in which hunter falls, ward catches him, and bobbi almost laughs. (632 words)

Dawn of Understanding by Athelassa
Skye, Ward, Kara, Thomas Ward; [now complete, 18373 words]
Summary: “Someday you’ll understand,” Ward had told her back then on that fateful day Hydra had raised its ugly heads for the first time.
Months and a terrifying transformation later, Skye is not even an inch closer to comprehend the man who betrayed the team and her. All she can see is the lies and the path of destruction he left behind. However, when all comes together in a mission and she encounters someone from his past, can she finally start to understand the complicated mess that is Grant Ward? (Set five weeks after 2x10)

Judas by thedevilyouknow106
Ward&Fitz, SkyeWard; WIP: 29,096 words
Summary: What will the team do when they must depend on the person that ruined their family in order to put that family back together? Skye has been taken and the new recruits are MIA. Can Ward and The Team stop bickering long enough to bring home the person that means the most to them? Slow Skyeward burn.

nice to meet you, where you been? (i could show you incredible things) by exsanguinate
Skyeward AU; 2495 words
Summary: skye gets confronted by a tall, dark stranger who is definitely not named stan anderson, who she definitely stole some luggage from.
(Part II of the Stolen Luggage AU)
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Sunday, March 15th, 2015 10:40 pm
Stay the Course by eedmund
Skye/Ward, Agent 33, Mike Peterson, team; 32668 words (13/?)
Summary: The course of love never did run smooth but, let's be real honest, no course runs smooth for Skye and Ward. Skye's trying to find out who or what she really is and her fact finding mission leads her and her friends back to S.H.I.E.L.D. and into a nasty altercation with a terrorist group. (part 4 of "An Honest Conversation")

the fault lines between us by catteo
Ward&Palamas (future Skyeward); 2403 words (1/?)
Summary: Set immediately post 2x10. Kara and Ward go on the run and, in the process, learn a lot more about who they really are.

Dawn of Understanding by Athelassa
Skye&Ward; 2840 words (1/3)
Summary: “Someday you’ll understand,” Ward had told her back then on that fateful day Hydra had raised its ugly heads for the first time.

Months and a terrifying transformation later, Skye is not even an inch closer to comprehend the man who betrayed the team and her. All she can see is the lies and the path of destruction he left behind. However, when all comes together in a mission and she encounters someone from his past, can she finally start to understand the complicated mess that is Grant Ward? (Set five weeks after 2x10.)

Know Your Enemy by FavoredFire
AU; Skye/Ward and ensemble; 24045 (6/?)
Summary: Living in the shadows since SHIELD's fall from grace, Skye had grown used to the trust issues and desperate power grabs with Hydra. She didn't know any of the sleeper agents, she never felt the betrayal her mentors did, but she hates Hydra all the more for them.

But when a mission gone wrong results in Skye becoming entangled with Coulson's number one enemy's protege, Skye is forced to look at the world differently and question everything she thought she knew about the world of espionage- and herself.

Memory by FullofCats
Gen; Ward, team, 33; warning: torture (ch.2); 17796 words (15/?)
Summary: Four months after the events of What they Become, Phil Coulson learns that Ward has been kidnapping Hydra Agents and is being tortured by Hydra for the intel. When the team take a chance on rescuing him, Ward wakes up claiming not knowing who he is or the team.

Coulson tries some desperate measures to figure out if Ward is lying or not, but instead starts uncovering some deep dark secrets from Ward's past.

A Special Kind of Crazy by Sreya
Ward, Skye, Garrett; AU; 2591 words
Summary: Skye's been arrested by SHIELD after holding up a coffee shop with an Asgardian weapon and spilling the beans about her search for her parents. Is she going to the Fridge, or will someone decide her talents are better used elsewhere? (Continuation of Hostages and Coffee)

iscariot by sleeplessmiles
Simmons, Ward, 33; 8723 words (2 parts)
Summary: Jemma becomes the reluctant travel companion of Ward and Kara.
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Friday, February 27th, 2015 10:34 am

Great editing. Love the style and the song choice.

(This vid was recced by Brett Dalton. The man has taste :).)
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Sunday, February 15th, 2015 10:40 am
The Difficulty with Life Debts by Athelassa
Gen; Ward, 33, Cal; h/c; 6021 words
Summary: What happened to Ward after he got shot in 2x10 “What They Become”. Basically just a speculation fic about what we will get to see in the second half of Season 2. One-shot.
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Tuesday, February 10th, 2015 10:34 am
Check-Up by jdphoenix
Ward/Simmons; missing scene/romance/humor/general adorableness; 1839 words
Summary: In which Grant is not jealous of Mike Peterson. Not even a little.
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Thursday, February 5th, 2015 09:02 am
The Cursed Soldiers by NezumiPi
Coulson, May, Bobbi, Ward, Agent 33; post-2x10; 5256 words
Summary: Coulson learns new information about Ward's recruitment. Meanwhile, assets calling themselves the Cursed Soldiers take a base from Hydra and offer it to SHIELD.
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Sunday, February 1st, 2015 06:50 pm
Only Happy When It Rains by eedmund
Grant Ward/Skye; romance/humor; rated M; 4028 words
Summary:Ward finds out that Skye is only 4 hours away and it's Valentine's Day. Surprise road trip? Of course! This is post "An Honest Conversation" (and, consequentially, s2e10) and relies on the backstory therein.

Ward had never once cared to celebrate Valentine's Day. Pink hearts and naked cupids, cut roses and cheap chocolates, and sticky, putrid poetry; it was an absolute waste of time and resources. If Ward could self-induce a coma at 11:59 on February 13th and come out of it without the throbbing hangover on the 15th, he would. Or, rather, he would have before this year.

This was the year that Ward realized Valentine's Day had some strategic potential.
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Thursday, January 29th, 2015 05:22 pm
Oscar the Grouch by eedmund
Kara Palamas (Agent 33)/Mike Peterson, Grant Ward; humor/puppies & happiness; (these chars deserve puppies & happiness and so do we); 2256 words
Summary: Kara Lynn is tired of Grant Ward's brooding. She decides to surprise him with a present but she's in for a surprise of her own.
Post "An Honest Conversation" [now complete]. Skye/Ward is implied but not actually in it.

Totally adorable. The fact that it's compliant with my Renegades 'verse is the cherry on top. :)

(Can be read without reading the prequel, but it contains a few spoilers. Plus, part one is a great read!)
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Sunday, January 25th, 2015 10:08 pm
Retrieval Cues by Perry-Dice
Grant Ward, OCs, Agent 33; post 2x10; drama/action/character study; 5,597 words
Summary: Hiding out with Agent 33 and recovering from a side wound, Ward decides to strike out on his own and finds a town in conflict where a man with his past is exactly what they need. Confronting both past and present, it's as good a place to find a new moral purpose as any.

(note: the first few lines are in 2nd person but the fic isn't.)
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Friday, January 23rd, 2015 10:08 pm
It's AU day here chez Astrid:

A Trail of pebbles to find your way home by TaleWeaver
Skye & Ward; AU (pre-canon divergent); 3485 words
Summary: Once upon a time in Wyoming, a little girl wandered away from her camping group and got lost in the woods, where she found an even more lost boy...
(A prologue to my series This Spy for Hire - see end notes for more details)

just a little touch of fate by thequeenofokay
Raina/Ward; AU - Hospital; 1423 words
Summary: He's brought in in the middle of the night and rushed straight into surgery.
// raina has a new patient in the intensive care ward. she's pretty sure he's a spy.

WIP: i've got soul; i am a soldier by SafelyCapricious
Ward/Simmons; soulmate AUs/5 times; 2209 words (2/6)
Summary: Five times that being soulmates didn't guarantee happiness, and one time it at least kind of helped it along.
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Tuesday, January 13th, 2015 11:36 pm
WIP: cause darling i'm a nightmare dressed like a daydream by weasleyspotter
Ward/Simmons (and ensemble); 1920s Mob AU; 16582 words, wip
Summary: When Jemma's father gets tangled up with Hydra, he makes a barter for his life. One that costs him his daughter's.
(Or how Jemma and Grant could meet in the 1920s and Hydra is still involved.)

LOVE the atmosphere in this one! It plays out in my head in vivid images.

WIP: To Break Nature's Rule by Quakey
Skye/Ward, Kara, team; post 2x10; 11766 words, wip
Summary: With her newly-awakened powers, Skye doesn't dare go back to SHIELD for fear of hurting the people she loves. Good thing she doesn't care about Ward.

I feel the writer has a really good grip on Skye's conflicted thoughts and emotions.

your body is a warzone but you are not a ruin by catteo
Skyeward; dark; Explicit; 6706 words
Summary: Skye’s having trouble controlling the powers that, really, she never wanted in the first place. Unfortunately the one person that can help her is also the last person she wants to have anything to do with.
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Monday, January 5th, 2015 11:01 pm
Here are some of my current favorite WIPs.

An Honest Conversation by [archiveofourown.org profile] eedmund
Skye/Ward & Agent 33; post 2x10; 8926 words
Summary: Is there a point where redemption is impossible? Or can Skye and Ward finally have that honest conversation and see eye to eye.

The girl who governed earthquakes (while letting others govern her) by [archiveofourown.org profile] Matarreyes
Skye & team, future Skyeward; post 2x10; character piece/Shield-critical; 1867 words
Companion piece to Who they become (always depended only on them), which tells the story of Ward and Agent 33, and which I can't recommend highly enough.
This fic tells Skye's side of the story.
Summary: Her new life starts as she shakes the dust off her clothes and re-orientates herself. There are no people by her side. There are no bodies, either. No bloodstains and no bleeding wounds, nobody who needs her to check their pulse or be dragged to safely. She starts to run before her soul can shrink with the sickening knowledge that the chunks of rock she crunches with her military boots are made of her friend's flesh.

Providence Base by [archiveofourown.org profile] TempletonsWeb
Skyeward & Fitz, Simmons; AU; 4147 words
Summary: SHIELD assigns Grant Ward and Skye to Providence Base for some top-secret decryption work. The two of them have to learn how to live together at this isolated base in the Canadian wilderness.

monsters together by [fanfiction.net profile] found-dove-in-a-soapless-place
Skye/Ward; romance/h/c; post 2x10; 5078 words
Summary: Phone calls at two in the morning tether her to memories she would rather forget, and yet at the same time, keep her from caving in on herself.

Feel the Earth Move by [fanfiction.net profile] Nascent-Narrator
Skye & Ward, post 2x10; 16052 words
Summary: It has been months since the events of Puerto Rico and Skye is still unable to accept or control her new powers. Who else can she possibly turn to for comfort when everyone around her looks at her with fear?
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Wednesday, December 31st, 2014 06:39 pm
While I wait for the guests to arrive so we can EAT (I'm so hungry), I'm sorting through my bookmarks for some end-of-year fic recs.

The Most Adequate Christmas Ever by igrockspock (Avengers)
Tony/Pepper, Nat/Clint; humor; 3481 words
Summary: It's December twenty-third, and Tony has figured out absolutely nothing about Christmas.

Hide by [tumblr.com profile] smalltownethics
(AKA The 5 times Skye thinks of and/or almost meets Grant and the one time they meet face to face)
Summary: Hiding seemed to be something she did a lot.

The Devil’s in the Details by moodycactus
Fitz/Ward; AU: canon divergence; Explicit; 6039 words
Summary: This fic takes place after Ward’s escape, only he returns to collect Fitz. He claims he wants to ‘fix’ Fitz but can Fitz trust him? Fitz gets caught up in Ward’s plan and Ward gets more than he bargained for. Describe the fic without spoilers: Like an ep of “White Collar/Burn Notice” with a dash of the film “Shame”.

And a vid...