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Today I finally took a bath from my paddleboard. Well, I've taken baths in the river before but usually they're more voluntary.
Things I learned:
Don't stuff your shirt inside your dry pants or they won't seal 100%.
Bring a spare pair of pants anyway, just in case.
Actually bring a second set of spares so you can keep paddling and don't have to cut the trip short.

Other than the lack of extra spare clothes and my pants being, while not sopping wet, uncomfortably moist during the trip home, it was fine. I did get wet but I didn't get cold at any point, so the clothes did their job. I still consider investing in a dry jacket so I can stay completely dry when I fall in. I mean, half the year the water is uncomfortably cold, so I think it would be a good investment.

I actually took a picture of the spot right before (which I can't post as my poor Nokia is currently taken apart and drying out, fingers crossed yo.) It's that damned fallen tree that's been blocking the way for years. The risen water level made is impossible to get out and drag the board around like I did in the summer.

Next time, buddy. You, me, and a chainsaw. (kidding. Where would I get a chainsaw.)

Next time I'll have to get out well before and walk around that part. I hope to go again next week, I really hated to cut my trip short and miss the last mile. It was particularly gorgeous today; I hope the photos at least can be salvaged.

So yeah, that was my day. They say you should try a new thing every day, right? lol

eta: super glad I wore my vest. No matter how unnecessary it seems, always wear that vest.

Here's a pic from today, taken further upstream before the dam. Had uploaded it before my swim.

Really hope the Nokia will recover, I love that phone... it takes the BEST pictures!

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