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astridv ([personal profile] astridv) wrote2016-12-21 11:34 am

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I was rather stressed out yesterday because it looked like we might have to move out of our lovely house soon. This possibility has been looming over our heads for over three years now, so when the rent money bounced back we thought the dreaded moment had come. But today I heard back from our landlord with a new bank account. Crisis averted for now. But we will have to start looking for a new place for real now, just in case.

The thing is that we live in one of Germany's most popular cities, and the housing market is hell. And we have a cat, which doesn't make things easier. Basically we'll need to look for a new place for the cat where we can live too.

It it's up to me, I wouldn't move at all. I love this apartment so much. Everything from here on will be a step down, inevitably.

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