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astridv ([personal profile] astridv) wrote2016-12-17 09:51 pm

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Today I heard that my favourite climbing wall will close down within the next year or two. That’s a real bummer… it’s the only place that offers toproping and lead climbing within biking distance. Today I took a look at the wall next town over… 35 mins by e-bike each way, and the routes are not that high; I don’t see myself do that trip even once a week. They do have a sauna included in the price though. I guess we’ll check it out at least.

The alpine club seems eager to start a gym of their own here in town, but who knows how long that’ll take… they haven’t even decided on a location yet.

Guess it’ll be back to bouldering for a while. At least that’s something you can do spontaneously without a partner.