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Behold, more boating pics. For I was paddleboarding yesterday and the frost on the grass in combination with the fog in the air made for an enchanting atmosphere. I didn't even mind the cold (much) because it was so beautiful.

I took the pics with my phone so they got a bit darker than it actually was, but considering I took them from a moving board, vaguely pointing in the right direction while trying not to spin off course, I'm really happy with how they turned out.

This is the creek that runs through town. It's usually too shallow for canoeing, but my board doesn't need a lot of water underneath when I don't put on the fin. I only touched ground a few times when passing groundsills; hope the level will rise another 20cm or so in the coming weeks. That would be perfect.
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Thank you for the lovely pictures - looks like you are having a lot of fun.
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So pretty! Thank you for sharing with us. I hope you enjoy much more lovely boating. =)
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Great pictures! This post and the last one too.
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Wow, gorgeous!