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AOS fic recs, recs post in progress (Skyeward + Gen)


What Kind of Man - SarahRoseSerena (WIP)

Chapters: 5/? (29307 words)
Relationships: SkyeWard, Leo Fitz & Skye/Daisy
Characters: ensemble plus cameos
Additional Tags: Hellfire, Parallel Universes, quakefire, Redos, Post 3x10, Multiverse

“Jumping around parallel planes, changing the course of a hundred histories, altering timelines wherever she goes. She’s made a mess out of the universe, you know. For you.”
Daisy is shifting earth on nothing but her grief, her determination, her command of tectonic plates and the heartbeat of this planet. On a mission to save the world from the Destroyer that spread the disease. The ancient Inhuman in Grant Ward’s body.
“There’s no coming back from this, Skye. But you knew that when you started.”
This fic was inspired by the Interdimensional Time Travel gifset series, and it’s one of the best stories out there right now, imo. Gripping plot and amazing characterization of Skye/Daisy in particular. This is the Skye I was longing to see on the show!
I’m not sure where she’s going with the plot but I’m on tenterhooks.
hello from the other side; - thatbluebox
8913 words

Skyeward & OCs
Tags: AU, henchdog au, ft. the henchdogs aka grant ward’s most trusted henchmen, the season 3 we deserve

Summary: There is a lasting second of heavy silence before they begin to talk strategy and disarming SHIELD, its key players, and weaponry. But it must all be in their heads, the team decides, because their leader is thorough. His face slips into a cool mask of sparking fury, which transforms the indifference of his tone. SHIELD’s reckoning has come once again and they will be at the forefront, he promises. But then his fingers linger on the photo of a brunette agent for a moment too long, and, for a moment, they’re not so sure.
Things - Overdressedtokill [complete] »

24353 words
Skye/Grant Ward
Tags: Inhumans, Future Fic, AU - Canon Divergence
Summary: Future canon. Grant’s got powers now. But he doesn’t want to be back on the team. He doesn’t want anything to do with any of them. Especially not Skye.

Across the Board, by Eienvine

Chapters: 11/13, 164611 words
Skye/Ward, team, Kara; future fic; slow burn; action
Summary: Skye once thought that she would hate Grant Ward forever. But time has a way of changing things, even hate.

It’s a slow burn Skyeward fic that also has wonderful Kara&Ward friendship moments. And cool action spy stuff as backdrop to the careful character development.
Okay, I don’t remember how much SW was in this next one but it’s hilarious:
House of Hydra by CaptainSummerDay
In a bid to attract new investors, Ward decides that Hydra is in need of rebranding and a change of direction.
Otherwise known as Agents of Shield if Tyra Banks took over as showrunner in Season 3.

Switching it Off (and turning it on again) by CaptainSummerDay

Skye/Ward, Fitz, Simmons; IT tech AU; industry spies and IT guys/romance;

Summary: Skye loves her job at Shield Consulting. There’s only one thing that can cast a cloud of grief on her day.
Dealing with Tech Support.

Office AU in which Grant makes a bad first impression.

Cool plot, kickass Skye. Here’s a dose of happiness after the finale that should never have been.


Stay the Course by eedmund [now complete!]
Skye/Ward, Agent 33, Mike Peterson, team; action/adventure/romance; warning: graphic violence; 51835 words
Summary: The course of love never did run smooth but, let’s be real honest, no course runs smooth for Skye and Ward. Skye’s trying to find out who or what she really is and her fact finding mission leads her and her friends back to S.H.I.E.L.D. and into a nasty altercation with a terrorist group. (part 4 of “An Honest Conversation”)

This one sadly doesn’t seem to be updated any more but I’d read it anyway because it’s SO GOOD.
To Break Nature’s Rule (44675 words) by Quakey

With her newly-awakened powers, Skye doesn’t dare go back to SHIELD for fear of hurting the people she loves. Good thing she doesn’t care about Ward.

 Getting Some Answers -1stly_fannish_writing_dispensary

Chapters: 12/?
Characters: Ward, OCs, team
Additional Tags: Feels, Continuation of feels
Series: Part 2 of Not As You Thought

Where Ward is made use of by Coulson again, but Ward’s relationship with his team (Mendez, Sayers and Carl&Carl) deepens.

i like this fic, it has a different feel, heavy on the ocs, very compelling ocs, part 2 in a series but can be read on its own, ignore the wonky formatting at the end of ch 1, deals with mental illness, (the way the show should have and didn't),

 nobody knows the trouble we've seen (and nobody knows the price of this dream) - serenitysea

Relationships: Skye/Grant Ward
Additional Tags: Romance, Angst, Prequel, these feels are nothing we were ever trained for, Love, AU, s2 divergence, Grief
Series: Part 5 of she’s so fierce and full of that fire || the lara au

Summary: the story of how skye and ward become the best team since strike team delta.

…for hydra.

fic rec: Silver Bells - Sreya

Additional Tags: Skyeward Secret Santa

So we have Skye and Grant Ward in New York City on Christmas Eve. In the wake of the Battle of New York from the Avengers. Because it’s an AU and I can do that.

Last Action (anti)Hero - Matarreyes »

Characters: Grant Ward
Additional Tags: FIx It, yes another one, You are welcome, this time with a healthy dose of meta, Ward meets his creators, he is about as impressed as we all are
Summary: He was born a puppet and he died a puppet, his friends and enemies all simple playthings in hands of random TV Gods - a twist that no one in the world’s best spy agency could ever imagine…

But now he knows, he tells himself. And knowledge is power.

This Is Not Mine, But I Want It To Be - ExcellentlyEllen (WIP)

Relationships: Skye | Daisy Johnson/Grant Ward, Leo Fitz/Jemma Simmons/Grant Ward, Phil Coulson & Skye | Daisy Johnson, Phil Coulson & Grant Ward, Leo Fitz/Jemma Simmons, Lance Hunter/Bobbi Morse, Lance Hunter/Grant Ward

Additional Tags: Weirdness, Meeting Again, shield vs enemies, sorrynotsorry

This is not a Grant Ward redemption story. Because Grant Ward doesn’t need redemption.

soon the bells will start - Anuna »

Summary: Skye, Ward and Christmas; times five.

Tags: Skyeward Secret Santa, Gift Fic, prompt based fic, AU - Canon Divergence, Ward was never hydra, five christmasses, Fluff, Little bit of angst, Domesticity

And Death flipped a coin - Matarreyes »

Relationships: Skye/Ward
Additional Tags: a fixit that fixes everything, post 3.10 clusterfuck of an episode, specifically designed to helf bleach it from our minds, warning: death is an actual character in it, warning: a mention of a dead child (not related to any characters) strictly for plot purposes, obviously spoilers for the 3.10 episode “Maveth”

Summary:Death isn´t good or evil, little girl. Death, simply, is. It can be timely or not. It can be calm or sad. May be a tragedy, may be a blessing. Death and rebirth are tied together, just as good and evil are. Two sides of the same coin. Or did you think it was a modern saying?” (2990 words)

This story really does it: it rights everything, gives everything a purpose, it turns the absolute hideousness that was “Maveth” into something beautiful. It makes me so happy.

What Would You Do If You Could Start It All Again? - Orlissa »

Skyeward, 2147 words

Additional Tags: Midseason finale fix it, Sorta speculation for the end of S3, Post-possession Ward, Skyeward is mostly implied, It’s not a happy piece, but there’s light at the end of the tunnel, Mentions of suicidal tendencies

Summary: Grant Ward was dead – that she knows for fact. And then he was back – sort of; in body, or what, hosting an ancient Inhuman. But when It was gone, jumping to another host as they fought, they expected – she expected – Ward to be gone, now for good. And yet he remained, lying on the ground–

The creature leaves Ward’s body, leaving him alive but lost and Skye needs to face the consequences.

A Chrismukkah Carol - SlightlyTwistedSilverware, WelshWitch1011 »

Chapters: 1/?
Warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Major Character Death
Relationships: Skyeward
Characters: Grant Ward, Phil Coulson, Skye, Grant Ward’s Mother, Grant Ward’s Father, Thomas Ward, Christian Ward, John Garrett, Antoine Triplett, Jemma Simmons, Leo Fitz
Additional Tags: WTF Was That Crap?, AOS Has The Worst Writers In TV History, Ward/Garrett Abuse, Past Child Abuse, Coulson learns a lesson, Skyeward - Freeform, Ward is Hellfire, Second Chances, Spoilers For Crappy Mid-Season Finale, Ward redemption

‘Following his depraved act of vengeance, Director Coulson is taught the true meaning of second chances.’

Or, the one where Coulson’s called out for being such a double-standard loving, turbo d-bag.

fuck-ups don’t fix bullet holes

flashback killers for hire for a very special girl. the first time skye fishes a bullet out of grant. With apologies to Ali.
Keep reading
“God damn it. You are so fucking bad at surgery.”

Heh. That was awesome! I love Killers for Hire!

selfish - Overdressedtokill (SkyeStan) »

2824 words, Part 17 of Killers for Hire (SkyeWard AU)
Rating: Explicit
Tags: AU, Killers for Hire, Blow Jobs
Summary: skye and grant celebrate an actual anniversary (since they actually got married a year ago, what?) and, you know, grant gets what he’s always wanted.

Demolishing Bridges (Academy AU) by favored fire
Skyeward, Fitz, Simmons
Tags: AU - SHIELD Academy, Angst, Trust Issues, Lies, Emotional Baggage, Friendship, Team Dynamics

It’s been weeks and Ward’s still ignoring her. She’s not sure how she’s going to fix things or get Fitzsimmons to stop asking questions, but she has to. Especially if she wants to figure out what secrets he’s hiding. Maybe a group test will help get him talking to her again-

Or maybe everything will go to hell as it always does instead.

Give Me Anything but Blue by Overdressedtokill (SkyeStan)

For the SkyeWard month prompt AU: Tahiti. A series of almosts.
Words: 1583
Series: Part 1 of Tahiti Prompts: Give Me Anything But Blue
Relationships: Skye | Daisy Johnson/Grant Ward,
Additional Tags: Memory Alteration, Tahiti

be prepared, not happy skyeward, at least not yet, I hate the tahiti plot device and seeing this as the outcome, is satisfying.

Ledger Dripping Red - Alkeni (WIP)

WIP: 7/? (29127 words)
Natasha Romanov & Grant Ward, Natasha & Clint, Skye/Ward (eventually)
Tags: AU - Canon Divergence, Redemption, Romanov and Ward Worked Together In The Past, Romanov has no patience with the way the Team treats Ward, Diverges after 2x02, Redemption isn’t easy but that doesn’t mean you don’t try

Summary: “You’re a killer, Grant. You made mistakes, and all that was compounded by what Garrett did to you.” Romanoff walked back up to the laser barrier. “Your ledger drips red. If you want to try to blot it out, to try to settle your accounts, then I can give you that chance.” Even if she had to break him out of the cell. “Think about it.”

grant ward, natasha romanoff, my two favorite characters in one fic, and I've always said, if one person can understand Ward, it's Natasha, because she's been there, Clint gave her a second chance, and she wants to pay it forward.

every single night pray the sun’ll rise, but it’s coming down

she’s the maid of honor, he’s the best man, and they couldn’t be more different.
basically you’ve got a fitzsimmons destination wedding and skye and ward bickering and everyone seeing the sexual tension but them. that’s it. that’s the plot.
skyeward month, week 2 day 3: humor
i’m such a fool to pay this price | ao3

Ignition Point - Capercaillie »

7901 words, Part 1 of Confessions of a Justified Sinner

Skye/Ward, Kara, Hunter, May, Fitz, Coulson
Tags: Hellfire!Ward, Kara & Grant, Post-S2, AU - Canon Divergence, Supernatural Elements, Redemption

All his life Grant Ward’s learned not to ask questions.
But following a standard job gone south, Ward’s more in need of information than ever. Pursued by former associates and haunted by demons a little more physical than figurative, Ward’s path to redemption may have to wait in favor of outright survival. Alone, save for the dead woman that seems determined to guard his back, Ward’s having to face up to the fact that obedience hasn’t served him well.
Perhaps now is the time to start asking questions.
Part 2: Controlled Burn, 6053 words, WIP (½)
Skye, Ward, Hunter, Morse, Kara, Coulson, May, Fitz, Mack, Lincoln
If you’re going through Hell, keep going.
Grant Ward’s in trouble. As if having Hydra and S.H.I.E.L.D on his trail wasn’t enough, it seems more than one new party has taken an interest in him. The more he digs to find out the truth of what happened to him in Europe, the less he likes the picture that’s emerging.

It’s time to take control - of his life and the strange new powers he seems to have acquired. Not only does it seem the only way of staying alive, it could also help bring him back to the one woman he never wanted to leave behind.

and there's a storm you're starting now SuperIrishBreakfastTea »

WIP, Chapters: 9/? (28632 words)
Relationships: Fitz/Simmons, Skye/Ward, Hunter/Morse
Additional Tags: My first AOS fic, Basically AU Season 2, But not even super AU?, Angst City
Summary: AU Season 2. In which Jemma and Fitz struggle to deal with what happened at the bottom of the ocean, Jemma is sick of having to hide, Ward is redeemed, and SHIELD struggles to remake itself while fighting Hydra.


redemption fic, in which the characters behave like their s1 incarnations, and haven't lost all humanity and compassion, and the team actually communicate to work through their issues, the fact that Dr Garner is on board probably helped with all that, I'm really enjoying this AU season 2, helps get the canon taste out of my mouth



Vulnerable Mind - Athelassa [complete] »

39321 words; Gen (Grant Ward & Agents of SHIELD Team)
Tags: Drama, Hurt/Comfort, Action/Adventure, Trust Issues, Redemption, AU after 2x19
Summary:Look,” Coulson said with a frown, “I’m the director, I make the decisions. This is a mission that suits Ward’s qualities perfectly.”
Oh yes, right. There was primarily one quality that predestined him for this mission.
I get it, Coulson,” Ward threw in with a smirk of false bravado. “I’m expendable.”

After working together with his former team in the Arctic, Ward finds himself helping out S.H.I.E.L.D. on a regular basis. When he signs up to infiltrate another Hydra base and things go as wrong as they can get, he is forced to lay open what he fears most: the past and his own weakness. Only Coulson’s team is able to help him and they have yet to decide if they want to save a branded traitor.

Hard to Replace - FullofCats

14760 words
Characters: Simmons, Weaver, Gonzales, Ward, Garrett, Fitz, Coulson, May, Skye
Tags: AU, Redemption fic
Summary: There is a poorly written fic floating around where the Kree Stone send Simmons back in time where she pushes Ward into traffic and because of it Trip, Hartley, and Kara are alive and Kara is gay (because Ward’s super powers are turning people straight.)

In this story the Kree rock sends Simmons into a universe where Ward was never on her team and Garrett had recruited an actual psychopath.
Yes, inspiration can come from weird places.

Also this is a Ward redemption story. So if you don’t like them, you don’t have to read them.

Well, Someone Had To Be Nice - Alkeni

Part 4 of The Lesser of a Whole Host of Evils
(In which Grant Ward is done taking crap from SHIELD when they come for his help)
Summary: Lincoln Campbell really shouldn’t have expected much from a meeting that included both Skye and the Ward siblings - they didn’t like or trust her, she didn’t like or trust them…

A wonderful recipe for success.