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You know, tumblr has many shortcomings and part of me will always loathe that site and wait for fandom to finally find a new platform to move to.

But their tagging system is vastly superior to LJ/DW, no two ways about it.

p.s. I can't believe it's been almost a year since I posted here. Yikes. Between tumblr and my job there just was so little time left to hang out here.
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I think Tumblr might just have the next evolution of tags. I wouldn't mind if Dreamwidth rejiggered their tags to include a more tumblr-like search feature.

It takes a concerted effort to stay in touch on all the social media sites. Tumblr works for so many people, but I'm holding out for the next iteration of fandom's social media. I just don't go for Tumblr the way so many others do, it seems.
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Yeah, I don't know if they could without overhauling the whole code (and I have no idea what any of that entails), and the tag search here isn't terrible. I do wish it was easier for pictures to be uploaded or embedded on Dreamwidth, in some ways, but since animated gifs are hell to be around when I have a migraine, I'm actually OK without it. I like being in a place where I don't have to deal with avoiding animations.
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I never use the tags on Tumblr. I can't figure out how you can combine them to filter a particular Tumblr, like to only display art in a specific fandom like you can easily do on bookmarking sites and with a bit of effort on LJ/DW, and the chatty tags do nothing for me (I don't get why people write fic in tags). What do you like about them?
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The chatting in tags grows on you. :)

Like mold.

I think I use tags more to organize my own things. In theory there exist the function to browse DW posts across journals by tags via the latest posts page, but somehow it doesn't work with the tag filters, I think because it doesn't go back further through the posts with the tags to match.
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Just what I needed, another reason to hate tumblr. *g*

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All they've said so far is "March," but I'd imagine an official date is coming soon!

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She wrote something for last year's yuletide too!