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astridv ([personal profile] astridv) wrote2012-06-10 11:21 pm

Rec of the day

A few random Youtube videos I've enjoyed (really very random): Cooking flash mob with Jamie Oliver... awesome energy!

More coolness: Ninja Warrior Yuuji Urushihara's Total Victory in Tournament 24 At the time that guy was the third person ever to complete the course. It's hellishly difficult. And spectacular to watch. (Video quality is also very nice.)
They have an American version of Ninja Warrior now and I wanted to stream it but it streamed at a snail's pace with a break every few seconds... not the right way to watch a show like that.

The Northern Lights From Space, a fantastic video compiled of hundreds of images obtained from NASA to bring you the ultimate space odyssey.

PEOPLE ARE AWESOME 2011 is a collection of people doing astonishing feats. (I noticed that those that aren't a danger to life and limb tend to involve a ball of some kind, as a random observation...)