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Yay, Arctic Air has been renewed for another season. This pleases me greatly. (But I agree with whoever on my flist mentioned it: they have exploited the planecrash-in-the-wilderness trope sufficiently and are not allowed to use it again for an entire season. :P)
Since I'm wishing for stuff, it'll be nice if they stop pushing Bobby/Christa but I suspect that hope will be in vain. (While Bobby and Shontal create sparks simply by sharing a screen.)

In other news I caved and ordered those stilts. Should've done it a day earlier, then they'd be here before the weekend.
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How is Arctic Air? I watched the first episode but was bored. Is it worth picking up again?
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I subscribe to all your thoughts. I'm so glad it's been renewed.
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I'm SUPER interested to hear about your experience with the stilts. I've been showing the vids to a bunch of my friends, and we're fascinated, but all really kind of afraid of hurting ourselves.