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The Top Ten meme

I'll do a variant since it's all fanart/comic and Deviantart has more conclusive numbers than AO3. I'm pleased that four of my own faves made it at least into the top ten, especially In The Pale Moonlight! And the Stargate comic.

The top five are all Fullmetal Alchemist, which I guess makes sense since manga/anime is fanart-heavy. Not the foggiest idea how the Bones sketches got in there. I never saw much of that fandom hanging out on DA... nor do I remember getting much feedback for these on LJ. Some nice person must have me linked somewhere.

The most popular piece is After the Battle (I mean, by FAR the most popular; DA provides a shiny graphic.) It is also the one that took by far the least time to create. I get why it's popular; after all it manages to scratch my own id pretty decently. :O) And I think it catches their relationship well... I mean. Roy and Riza. Leaning on each other. For support. Well. So it works well as a fanart. (But so does In The Pale Moonlight.)

The Roy color sketch was really just my first attempt to portray a blazing fire with watercolors, with limited success. (I still haven't figured out a good way to do that.)

In conclusion... it's all very random?
Oh, it's obvious! In conclusion: I'll keep drawing what pleases me most. So expect some Sophie Devereaux and Nathan Ford, possibly. :)
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I loved ducking in under the cut and looking at these all in a row. Your colour palettes are so wonderful, and in several of these you show such a gentle sense of humour.