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castle (not the tv show) and hedgehog pics

Hey! Today is my day off! And only three more pages to go, there's a reason to rejoice! I read fic and goofed around and did not do much else, then I went to Japanese class which is so much cooler than last semester, what with the actually speaking Japanese and all. And now it's almost midnight, don't go by so fast, free day!

First, a link. Via cofax, who somehow always finds the best links: [ profile] kroki_refur has written up a funny and picturesque travel report about their hike in New Zealand. (link)

Maybe this isn't the best moment to post my own pictures, after seeing this... wah. But tonight I finally have time... okay, so pretend you forgot the stunning New Zealand pics you just saw, okay?
When [ profile] megatexas mentioned that he had never seen a Westphalian castle, we decided we couldn't let him return to the States without showing him one.

Two of my housemates and Geoff in front of Castle Vischering.

I like how this turned out, though it doesn't capture the impression entirely - you could see down to the ground of the moat.

Here is an entirely different castle, only a few miles from the first one but owned (one assumes) by a family with considerably less money. It takes a load of cash to keep these buildings shiny. I wouldn't want one, that's for sure. The rooms in the castle are rented as apartments so we couldn't get inside.

... here is a frog that one of the roommates spotted

This is the little hedgehog that she spotted in front of our door. He weighed only 100 gramm when she found him; to hibernate they need about 500 gramm iirc and there's not much food to be found outside any more, so right now he's living in an improvised hedgehog enclosure in our hallway and gets fed a sludgy mixture of catfood and hedgehog food, with the occasional larva (yum).

He's at 150 gramm now. Still ways to go before hibernation.

Hedgehog & Megatexas

My first idea was to name the hedghog 'Spike' but the name doesn't suit him at all. He's quite sleepy and weirdly shy, even after three weeks of being pampered and fed. Not at all like the triplet of rambunctiuos brothers we raised a few years ago. (Those we called 'Little Hedgehog', 'Little Hedgehog', and 'Little Biter'. We couldn't tell the first two apart, but to find Little Biter all you had to do was put your finger anywhere near them, and he'd come racing trying to bite it. He was like that right from the beginning. It was cute when he was still tiny. But hedgehog teeth get really sharp...)

Alright, now I'm gonna start typing up my fic recs for real before my free day is over (three more pages and a cover. I can do it!)
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That picture of the hedgehog on the scales is the cutest thing I've seen for ages. ('For this recipe you will need 150g of hedgehog...' Sorry!)
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[personal profile] ratcreature 2010-10-25 11:02 pm (UTC)(link)
Heh, that hedgehog is adorable. And I have that exact scale to weigh my rats. Only they stay never on it, also they have eaten the rubber on/off button.
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N'awwww, tiny, adorable hedgehog!!